Acris Antibodies

Serve The Research Community

Acris offers over 50,000 products (primarily antibodies and antigens) and their mission is “to serve the research community with high quality research products”. In addition to these many products, Acris offer some very useful services:

1. Antibody Location Service

If you cannot find the right antibody for your protein or application, let Acris conduct the search for you. This free “Antibody Location Service” looks for a suitable product using catalogues, on-line databases, search engines etc. Simply specify the antibody, target species and application. Within 24-48 hours you will receive an analysis of available products.

2. Acris Antibody Newsletter

This newsletter contains useful information on the latest techniques and research publications involving antibodies.

Finally, all Acris products have their specification sheets on-line, enabling you to answer your technical questions quickly and easily.

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