GMP Services

Amino Acid Analysis

Auspep can provide amino acid analysis for the determination of amino acid composition and peptide / protein quantification. The process involves hydrolysis, derivatisation, separation of derivatised amino acids and data interpretation and calculations.

Amino acid analysis of peptides is routinely performed at Auspep but we have analysed food supplements, biscuits and hair samples for clients.

Analytical Chromatography

Auspep provides high performance chromatography analytical services. Auspep has state of the art equipment for routine and advanced chromatography options.

Custom Peptide Purification

During peptide assembly, impurities can be formed from both the starting materials and during the peptide elongation. Auspep provides a purification service enabling the recovery of peptides.

Impurity Profiling

Auspep can isolate, purify and identify impurities in your peptides. Under GMP, peptides with an impurity >0.5% should be identified. Peptide impurity laboratory services include, HPLC, LCMS, amino acid analysis and NMR.

Ion Content Analysis

Auspep can arrange for your samples to be analysed using ion chromatography techniques to determine ion content of peptide samples.

Mass Spectroscopy

Auspep can analyse your proteins and peptides using mass spectroscopy techniques.

Mass spectroscopy and LCMS are used routinely at Auspep for molecular weight confirmation and high resolution accurate mass measurement.

N-terminal Protein Sequencing

Auspep can arrange for your proteins and peptides to be sequenced using the latest technologies. Auspep can provide full sequence analysis on request.

NMR Spectroscopy

Auspep can arrange for your proteins and peptides to be analysed using NMR spectroscopy.

NMR is used in protein product characterisation to analyse the chemical structure and composition of molecules. It can also provide insight into the three dimensional structure of molecules.

Stability Trials

Auspep offers stability testing of peptides and formulations during storage trials. Forced degradation studies reinforcing storage trials can also be performed.

Short term, accelerated and long-term facilities are available.

Auspep is fully compliant with GMP requirements and stability trials are performed in line with ICH guidelines.

Storage capabilities include, -20°C, 4°C and up to 40°C.

Water content Testing

Auspep can arrange for your samples to be analysed using standard Karl Fischer and oven methods for the determination of water content.

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